Template:PropertyThis is the 2017 version of Tesla The Hedgehog, not to be confused with the original.

This is the new and current version of Tesla The Hedgehog, created by Alphonse Uprising, also known as Tesla-That-Hedgehog on deviantART.

Tesla The Hedgehog, full name Tesla Hunt IX, is a football player and the main protagonist of The Bizarre Life of Tesla Hunt. Haling from the Floridian city of Aragon, Tesla was born to his father, Tesla Hunt VIII, who is a genius scientist and inventor, and to a mother named Cornelia Hunt, who is a former nurse who supported the Invidian military. Tesla has 2 other siblings: Nicanor "Nikki" Hunt and Tessa "Huntress" Hunt. Tesla is currently engaged to Aurora The Porcupine (who is currently not on the wiki yet).



Tesla is a cheerful, and carefree individual. He loves to have fun and play jokes around his friends; especially his Italian-speaking close friend, Mario Scuderia. Tesla is also brash and impetuous, often irresponsible and unable to think before taking action. Despite his nuisances, Tesla is well-respected by his friends and is generally a nice person. In competition, whether it be playing football or fighting enemies to test his masculinity,

Tesla's cockiness begins to show as he throws insults to his opponents to intimidate them. Tesla seems to have a fondness with summer, mostly due to him being the most energetic during this time of the year. Conversely, Tesla doesn't speak much during the wintertime.



Aurora (not my character) is a porcupine-hedgehog from the future. After time travel has finally been perfected and became mainstream, Aurora moved to the past (present day), which was where she met Tesla. Although their relationship began with a rocky start, they would easily fall in love. Recently, Tesla has engaged to Aurora and they will be married soon.

Curtis Tsukada

Curtis is a Japanese-born marten. Being best friends for over 10 years, Curtis proved to be a loyal companion of Tesla and there are no signs of their friendship ending anytime soon, despite getting annoyed of each other time to time. After he moved out of his parents' house, he currently lives with Tesla in his apartment's basement.

Isabella Castile

Isabella is an American-born Spanish mountain lion who is Tesla's closest female friend. Highly athletic and highly tomboy, Isabella shows no fear and is the encouragement of Tesla and co.

Mario Ascari

Mario is a tan-colored mink who is Tesla's close friend and mechanical engineer. Although he can only speak Italian, Tesla and co. are able to understand him well thanks to the English subtitles located on the bottom of the screen. 


Tesla primarily has electrokinesis, which is the ability to use electricity as a form of power. With these powers, he can carry over hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity without hurting himself, and use them in combat. Tesla has stripes on his head, legs, and arms that can glow whenever he uses these powers; however, they can be lethal and touching his stripes would feel like touching a hot pan. Another power that Tesla has is nightvision. Thanks to his pupilless eyes that can glow brighter than LED, Tesla is practically a living flashlight. He is able to see in total darkness for only a few meters ahead of him.

Another unique power Tesla has is the ability to run as fast as light. However, he limits this to running only as fast as 750 mph and only travels at lightspeed for quick teleportation. Light-speeding would drain a lot of power and Tesla couldn't be able to perform this with his strength alone-- he would need saturnium fragments (TBA) to give him just enough energy to use it. Tesla's electrokinesis is fueled by electrical signals and sources. This means whenever Tesla is near an electrical source, such as a generator or a thunderstorm, the severity and strength of his powers can vary based on how strong those signals are.


- Heat

- Sunny weather

- Electrical storms (or electricity itself)

- Saturnium (TBA)


- Hydrophobia (in large quantities)

- Blue colorblindness

- Cold environments (mountains, Antarctic climates, etc.)





  • Tesla The Hedgehog is among the oldest FCs ever created. He was created in 2005 (For reference, the oldest known character, Bionic The Hedgehog by Christian Weston Chandler, was made in 1996).
  • Tesla recieved more changes than any other Alphonse Uprising character.
  • Tesla does not have a Dark or Hyper form.
  • Tesla has a different birthdate in Gem High.
  • Tesla was originally British.
  • Tesla started off as a Shadow/Sonic recolor, then had about 8 different designs when he was first created.
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