Polandeegee   ----


Of Weegee

A cute weegee thats a countryball made by me.Hes name is Poland he was from the countryball universe but then possessed by Weegee to try and stop spingebarab once. But Polandeegee still cannot into space but can into stare and monies! His also Seegee688's Pet. Motto: POLAND STRONK REMOVE SQEEGEE! His other friends like Germany and Russia And The UK All turned into Countryweegees and now Poland has a army of them he also gives potatos to Weegee and the Gee Team. Friends:All countryballs and Weegee and the Gee Team,Seegee688. Rivals:Sqeegee,Moar Krabs,Malleo,NAZIS

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