"His soul purpose was to kill Super-Man. He is made for death-battles, he is killable. I made him to show that you can kill super-man but, also be killed."-Chill

In a nutshell;

  • "SpongeBob: Wow! The I.J.L.S.A. were the most heroic heroes ever! And you had the best lunch box, too.
  • Mermaid Man: Once you put on these costumes, their fantastic powers will become yours.
  • Sandy: Wow! I didn't think super powers worked that way.
  • Mermaid Man: Sure! Power's all in the costume! Why else would we run around in colored undies?
  • Squidward: I can think of three good reasons."


He wears a blue jump suit (super-suit) with a big n in the middle of a pentagon on his chest. He has neat hair like Morty Smith (Rick & Morty) except, with a curl (superman, except more curly). He is more closely related to a Noob than to Homo-Sapiens Sapiens.


He is arrogant, he will fight anyone/thing. He is reckless, and won't care about collateral damage. He doesn't double check. He has little common sense.

Powers and Forms

He can manipulate newtons, radiation and magnetisms coming around and from him. He can thrust into air with newtons. His maximum amount of newtons is 1000 supernovae of force. He can hover and 'fly' with newtons.He can breath nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and water. He can create a 'newton bubble', 'newton shield', 'newton dummy', and 'newton projectile'. Extensive blood.


Anthro Shark (Aquatic?)

Super-Newton(ver.1) Lets him control plasma(plasma ball, spray, 'force lazer', armor, weapons[melee], dummy) gives him cancer, makes him bald, speeds up his time by 5, ages him 5 years, skinless.

Hell-Bent bones with mild gore. White glowing eyes, horns, wings. 10 Magic, 10 rads, 10 holy= instant kill. Loses all powers except newtons. 4 arms, 6 eyes. On fire, can breath fire, highly flammable. 50 hp.

General Info

He has 2 kids and 1 grandchild. His first son is his mortal enemy.

Items Currently In Possession

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He has teamed up with Steven A. Guy. He has no sidekicks.








Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters

Fought his first son, spared his son. loves his other 'Newton-ciples'.


---Newton-men (Ver.2-3)




---Steven Anthony Guy


---MC Sloop Gooper



---Tim The Victim

---King Arthur




---Cyber-Adolf Hitler


---Every Other Villain (except; )

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